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FAQ seekers


FAQ seekers

Photo credit: ©2022 Yai Realty

Q1: This is my first time in Khao Yai, can you show us around?


We are always happy to show you around Khao Yai to the limit that we will first interview you for your needs and then show you the area that is suitable to your demands.


Q2: How much does it cost to use your service?


Our service is paid by property seller / landlord, as such free for you. 


Q3: What language do you speak?


English and Thai.


Q4: What if I don't find a property on your website that fit my needs?


After our interview we will note your demands. If no property available at current time we will save your information and keep contact with you until the right property is available.


Q5: What is Khao Yai like – I only been here on holiday?


Wonderful, chillier than Bangkok and loads of nature – that’s why we moved from the capitol to here. If you like to know more about the area, please visit our page 'Khao Yai'.


Q6: If I rent a house, who look after the garden?


That depends on your contract with landlord. Some live in closed community where this service is included in the rent.


Q7: If the toilet breaks down, who pays the repair?


If it is caused by user, we always suggest the renter does. If it is a general piping problem we suggest you request the expenses covered by landlord.


Q8: Can a foreigner buy a house in Thailand?


Yes, you can own both house and Condo, but not land. Sound strange - well it is. If you are legally married with a Thai spouse we recommend you get an Usufruct to project all family members.


Q9: How much is the transfer fee when buying a property?


There are several fees and stamps fee to consider. The land-office land value and calculation is often not near the actual selling price. As such to get a full overview of these fees, the owner need to get confirmation from land-office prior.


Q10: Will you help us negotiate the sales price / rental fee?


We assist both property owner and seeker our best. The final selling price or rental agreement does not affect our agent fee, so we always keep neutral and advice both of you the best compared to the current market.


Q11: Where is your office?


Please link to our 'Contact page' for address information. We work mostly in the field and as such don't have a representative office.


Q12 When can we meet?


Please arrange for meeting 2-3 days in advance to assure our availability.



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